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L4 Sports Massage

L4 Sports Massage

Never Has A L4 Sports Massage Course Been As Good!

​If you’relooking to become L4 Sports Massage qualified you are most likely on this page as you want to progress your skills and have maybe found that the L3 qualification you gained has not lived up to the expectations set by clients and yourself. L3 is the entry level to sports massage but after this there’s so much more you can then go on to learn, certainly in our course there is! Our course is above the national occupational standards (NOS) set for the L4 Sports Massage qualification, we teach you way much more because we know that you need these skills we teach if you are to competently and effectively treat clients. Our course helps you treat the cause of client’s discomfort not just the symptoms which will increase your in-clinic footfall of clients.

There is no other L4 Sports Massage course that will teach you how to identify dysfunction within the core and glutes and teach you how to get these vital areas re-activated again.Therefore, this course represents great value for money!

  • Pre-requisite Qualifications

    ​You must hold a L3 Sports Massage qualification to be able to undertake this course. Upon enrolment you will be asked to provide a copy of this certificate if you are not a former L3 learner of ours.

  • The Qualification

    This qualification includes home study theoretical work, lots of practical training and you will be required to submit 10 client case studies after you have completed your practical training. You will be assesed by your coursework and a practical assessment.

    The units covered and completed in this course are:

    • Conducting Subjective and Objective Assessment
    • Provide Sports Massage Techniques to Prevent and Manage Injury
    • Treatment Modalities to Promote Soft Tissue Repair

    The qualification is accredited by Bright and also the S.T.O. and you will receive the below certificates:

    • L4 Sports Massage Certificate (Bright Accredited)
    • Certificates of competence for - MET’s, Myofascial and Soft Tissue Release Therapy, Core and Glutes, Fire Cupping, Sports Injuries and KT Sports Taping. All of these are S.T.O Accredited.
  • Practical Training

    ​There are 11 days of practical training (including assessment) for this course where you must attend all days to qualify.

    You will learn the following practical skills on this course:

    • Postural and R.O.M assessing
    • Orthopedic assessments for the upper and lower body
    • Special testing for the glutes and core including specific stretching and strengthening exercises for re-activation
    • Myofascial and Soft Tissue Release Therapy
    • Muscle Energy Techniques
    • Trigger Point Therapy (TPT)
    • Sports Injuries
    • KT Sports Taping
    • Fire Cupping

    For your practical assesment you will have to give a treatment to a client (generally course colleague) using a mixture of the skills and knowledge gained where appropriate.

  • What You Will Recieve

    When you attend practical days you will be in receipt of various learning manuals for individual treatment disciplines which are taught.

    You will be given a course workbook of questions to complete either during or after your practical training. 10 client case studies will have to be completed and submitted to complete your coursework.

    This course will enable you to gain access to Bright membership as a therapist and you can also recieve 15% off all products at Physique.

    • 11 practical training days (including practical assessment day)
    • Course manuals
    • Course workbook
    • 15% off Physique products
    • Access to become a member of Bright and become a Certified Bright Therapist
    • Many unique skills that will not be taught on any other L4 sports massage course
  • L4 Course Price and Payment Options

    OPTION 1: PAY IN FULL £1195 SAVE £50!


    Please note, certificates are not issued until full payment has been recieved. Upon completion of your training, there is an option for learners to pay any outdtanding course fees should they wish.


  • How to Enrol

    1. Decide how you wish to pay. If you are paying in full, then click the relevant button at the bottom of this page to process the full payment.

    2. If you wish to pay in monthly installments you will need to click and process an initial payment of £195 and then click and process your bank details to authorise us to take direct debit payments from you. We will link you up to the relevant plan that you advise us of when sending us your completed enrolment form. You will receive emails regarding your direct debit plan.

    3. If you are apply for finance via Ideal4Finance once you have received your loan you can follow steps 1. and 4. to complete your enrolment.

    4. Once you have completed the payment option of your choice you will need to download and complete the enrolment form. Once completed (check all information is correct), pelase send this to or send in the post to the address given at the back of the document. Please note that an official signature is required, printed or typed names will not be accepted.

    5. Once payment has been processed and your enrolment form has been recieved we will get you started with your course and contact you via emial. It is important that you check any junk/spam folders within your email should any of our emails not appear in your inbox.

  • L3 + L4 Combined Course

    ​If you are wishing to sign up for the L3 and L4 combined Sports massage course please refer to our L3 sports massage course page where you can pay in full with the discount.

    The dates for the L3 course days will be on the L3 page and the L4 dates on this page.

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