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L4 Foot Health Practitioner Diploma Course

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L4 Foot Health Practitioner Diploma Course

L4 Foot Health Practitioner Diploma Course

Enrol Today to the most up to date Foot Health Practitioner Course in the UK! 


Will any other Foot Health course teach and give you:

  • Insight into fungal nail testing
  • Be qualified to use the medical product Verrutop
  • How to make custom made toe separators and protectors
  • How to use various gouge blades to make callus and corn removal easier
  • How to assess the nerves and vascular vessels of the feet
  • How nail fenestration is conducted for fungal nail treatment
  • Enable you to use the most up-to-date instruments in the industry
  • Give you discounted instruments and consumables from their own supplies store
  • Give you a good and varied amount of patients to treat in clinic
  • A maximum of only four students per course
  • Discounted Access to Professional Foot Healthcare Registration (PRFHC)
  • An Engaging Facebook group for all current students
  • A FREE marketing pack which includes different designs of; Flyers, postcards, business & appointment cards - Available as of January 2024!
  • FREE Instruments case and kit worth £49.39; nippers, dressing scissors, drill bit, nail file, blacks file (2024 enrolments only).
  • 12 month 0% interest FREE finance offer exclusive to all Next Generation Training students with MDS Medical or YESON UK 8L & 12L autoclaves *Subject to status


Welcome to Next Generation Training Foot Health Care education. We are an approved independent training provider of the Professional Register for Foot Healthcare (PRFHC) and a registered training school of the Complimentary Medical Association (CMA).

Recent estimates indicate there were 285 million people in the world with diabetes in the year 2009 and this is projected to increase to 438 million by 2030 (Shaw, Sicree and Zimmet, 2010). Currently 18% of the UK population is aged 65 plus, with figures expected to rise to 24.8% by 2050. This means the demand for Foot Health professionals will continue to rise!

Instrument case kit subject to availability and only available to students who enrol from January 2024 only.

  • About Foot Health Care

    There is no greater satisfaction than to care for others, and our Foot Health Care Course gives you the opportunity to do just that in your own practice. The human foot is one of the most complex and neglected of body parts. Every step we take places two and a half times our body weight on the 26 bones that make up each foot, and it has been estimated that we walk 3 times around the planet in a lifetime. However, the foot is highly sensitive and like any machine part suffers wear or damage when injured or stressed beyond its capability.

    Here’s where you come in. Though there may be little wrong with their feet, circumstances may prevent people looking after them; Arthritis, painful hip joints or stiff knees may put their feet out of reach or prevent use of scissors or nippers. However, others do have problems with their feet, from corns, calluses, verrucas, flat-foot and bunions to nail conditions and structural defects, many of which can be treated without surgery or medical intervention. Some just enjoy being pampered or are concerned to maintain their bodies in optimum condition.


    All of these people need the help of a Foot Health Practitioner, a professional trained to deliver care and advice either in a private surgery or in the home.

  • The Qualification

    Our Course not only gives you a complete grounding in foot anatomy, care and diagnosis but provides the information and support you need to establish a successful practice. Completion of the course enables you to be registered as a qualified Foot Health Practitioner via the Professional Register for Foot Health Care (PRFHC) register. This qualification is provided by the PRFHC and is also accredited by the Complimentary Medical Association (CMA) of who we are a registered training provider/college. 

    The CMA is internationally recognised as the elite force in professional, ethical complementary medicine by professional practitioners, doctors and increasingly by the general public and upon completion you can gain membership to the CMA.

    The qualification title is ‘Foot Health Practitioner Diploma’ is graded by the PRFHC at L4 standard where a certificate of achievement will be awarded upon completion.

    Guided Learning Hours (GLH) are estimated to be 125 hours. All the theory aspect of the course is completed via home study which has to be completed within 12 months of enrolment but does not have to be completed prior to attending a practical course.

  • Coursework and Assessment

    The L4 Coursework consists of 17 manual modules covering the following:

    • Module One - Organisms, Cells and the Skeletal System
    • Module Two - Muscle Tissues and Muscle Groups
    • Module Three - The Structure of Blood, Sterilisation and Sanitisation
    • Module Four - The Integumentary System
    • Module Five - The Lymphatic System, including Nail Dystrophies, Cutting, Instruments and Drills
    • Module Six - The Nervous System
    • Module Seven - Hunger and Sufficiency
    • Module Eight - The Endocrine System
    • Module Nine - Materia Medica, Therapeutics, Paddings and Dressings
    • Module Ten - External Respiration
    • Module Eleven - Pathology
    • Module Twelve - Diabetes and the Diabetic Foot
    • Module Thirteen - Clinical Waste
    • Module Fourteen - Sharps
    • Module Fifteen - Communicating With Other Professionals & First Aid
    • Module Sixteen - History Taking and Medical Note Writing
    • Module Seventeen  - Starting Your Own Business
    • Practical Training - What to Expect and How to Be Prepared
    • Verrutop - Taught in class (see below for further information)

    There is one workbook of 44 questions to complete which can be answered (no essays!) with assistance from your training manual. You have 12 months from enrolment in which to complete the entirety of your course.

    During your 5 day practical training days, you will be assessed on 4 in clinic treatments on a member of the public and your practical training days prior are to get you prepared for this along with a free run before official assessment commences. It is very rare that students fail to show competency, but should a student be referred on this aspect of the course an additional training day after your course days are available on a 1-2-1 basis with your tutor.

    As of July 2023 there is a short 15 question Verrutop multiple choice question paper to undertake where 80% (12/15) answers need to be correct to pass. Re-sits are available immediately afterwards for anyone who does not achieve the required result. By adding this to our course, this enables a better understanding of the product, how its used and this will help for insurance purposes as well as build a stronger relationship with the manufacturer. Verrutop has also been listed on certificates as a unit achieved from this date.

  • What You Will Receive

    Learners will receive the following for the course:

    • Hard copy learning manual
    • E-Course workbook and printed copy
    • Full course support
    • Access to an engaging Facebook group for current students only
    • Tutor support throughout your course journey
    • 5 days of practical training in a clinical environment by a qualified FHP and experienced tutor
    • Hugely discounted student starter kits available (instruments and consumables)
    • Available registration with the Professional Register for Foot Health Care 
    • Option to join the Complimentary Medical Association 
    • Availability of insurance via our partners Towergate
    • Discounted instruments and consumables from our Next Generation Foot Health Supplies store
    • A FREE marketing pack which includes different designs of; Flyers, postcards, business & appointment cards - Available as of January 2024!
    • FREE Instruments case kit worth £49.39; nippers, dressing scissors, drill bit, nail file, blacks file

    Instrument case kit subject to availability and only available to students who enrol from January 2024 only.

  • 5 Days Practical Training

    Practical training consists of 5 days and you will firstly learn on a medical foot model and a course colleague where you can practise the below. You will then be progressed to working with in clinic patients from the general public with various foot conditions and there is a maximum of 6 students per course, therefore ensuring students get plenty of tutor attention and time. 

    Practical training days generally will run 08:30-17:00 with the first day starting 08:45, but flexibility from all students is required for all training days where requested and required by your tutor.

    You will practically learn:

    • Nail cutting and filing
    • Nail reduction with a drill and various drill burs
    • Corn and callus removal with scalpel’s, drill burs and files
    • Insight into fungal nail testing
    • How to use the latest Verrutop verruca treatment and be qualified to use this medical product upon completion of this qualification
    • Vascular and neuropathy testing
    • How to use and apply paddings and dressings
    • How to make custom paddings and protectors with the latest technology of silicone moulding putty
    • How to use scalpels, gouge blades and drills including the latest top grip cylinder bur
    • Learn the various ways to remove callus with different instruments and equipment 
    • How to correctly cut nails
    • How to massage the feet
    • How to conduct a foot health consultation and give patients appropriate aftercare advice
    • Business Skills for setting up your foot health business
    • The different types of instruments and their practical uses, pro's and con's.
    • How to correctly prepare instruments for sterilisation.

    You will learn how to diagnose, treat and assess various conditions of the foot such as:

    • Corns
    • Callus and cracked heels (fissures)
    • Ingrowing nail
    • Fungal infections
    • Verrucae
    • The diabetic foot

    After working on class colleagues over the first two days you will then work on real clinical clients on the remaining days where you will be challenged by a variety of foot conditions.
    Our training clinic is a 3 minute walk from Huddersfield train station which is ideally located for anyone travelling from Manchester / Leeds the north and the south!

    Please note that all students attending their practical training days are required to wear suitable clothing i.e. a white tunic/scrub top and will need to gain their student insurance either via our partners Towergate (or elsewhere) in order to practise practically. Students will be notified of where this can be obtained prior to attending the practical course days. A £1m indemnity policy currently costs under £100 when purchased online.

    Towergate Insurance
  • Price and Payment Options

    Option 1: Pay In Full £1495 

    Option 2: 6 Monthly payments of £183.33 Via Direct Debit + Initial Payment of £395 INTEREST FREE

    Option 3: 8 Monthly payments of £137.50 Via Direct Debit + Initial Payment of £395 INTEREST FREE

    Option 4: 10 Monthly payments of £110 Via Direct Debit + Initial Payment of £395 INTEREST FREE

    Please note that no certificates are issued until the full course payment has been received. All learners have the option to settle any outstanding payment once their course is complete at the agreed enrolment fee.


  • How To Enrol

    1. Decide how you wish to pay. If you are paying in full, then click the relevant button at the bottom of this page to process the full payment.

    2. If you wish to pay in monthly instalments you will need to click and process an initial payment of £395 and then click and process your bank details to authorise us to take direct debit payments from you. We will link you up to the relevant plan that you advise us of when sending us your completed enrolment form. You will receive emails regarding your direct debit plan. Please note that the initial payment is not a deposit, it doesn't guarantee a course place. Course places are guaranteed when initial payment, direct debit authorisation and the enrolment form is completed and submitted.

    3. Once you have completed the payment option of your choice you will need to download and complete the contract enrolment form. Once completed (check all information is correct), please send this to or send in the post to the address given at the back of the document. Please note that an official signature is required, printed or typed names will not be accepted.

    4. Once payment has been processed and your contract enrolment form has been received we will get you started with your course and contact you via email. It is important that you check any junk/spam folders within your email should any of our emails not appear in your inbox.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. Why are there only 5 practical training days when some deliver 10 days?

    A. Simply put, there is no industry requirement to have to deliver 10 days. Whilst this is the case, we will deliver 5 days and we believe this actually helps students take less time off work and less time away from family and help reduce overall costs. The 5 days we conduct are well structured and organised and the days are action packed. Many providers who deliver 10 day courses don't even give their students their own work station, they have to share on a rotational basis when clinical patients visit, this then prolongs the course duration. It's a good way for them to earn more money per course and prolong the course duration. Currently we have 4 workstations ands 4 students per course, meaning every time patients visit there are 4 students conducting treatments at the same time. You will find the amount of patients our students treat are only marginally less in numbers than many who provide 10 days of training! Therefore we feel our course represents great value for its money and is more respectful to students when conducted this way. 91 five star Google reviews say so!

    Q. Do we have to wear any uniform when attending training?

    A. 'Suitable' clothing is required when students are to attend clinical practical training. Suitable clothing which includes either a white; tunic, scrub top, polo t-shirt, or t-shirt for the clinical environment which may come at an extra cost to you the student. Pants/trousers of any colour and sensible footwear.

    It's also recommended that fingernails are trimmed to a suitable length and that long hair is tied back as well as good hygiene!

    Q. Once I've paid and sent the enrolment/contract form, how quickly can I start?

    A. Once we've processed your enrolment you'll be supplied with a course starter email and a few PDF attachments such as a course workbook and an I.T guide for using PDF software should you wish to complete your workbook electronically. Your hard copy course manual will take 2-4 days for delivery where we also send you a printed workbook should you wish to complete your coursework by pen.

    Q. Is your theory course work essay based?

    A. NO. We find students really do not like essays and we find these unnecessary for students for this course. The workbook is question based asking students to answer in a 'description' or 'explanation' format, or on some occasions to list answers. Whilst theoretical knowledge is necessary for the role of a Foot Health Practitioner, (FHP) practical skills and abilities are far more important and we concentrate more on these. We run through the necessary theory for the day-to-day role of an FHP in class on practical training days, but we also want students to be very much 'hands-on'.

    Q. Are there any local hotels that you can recommend?

    A. Kind of. We never have stayed in these hotels but many of our past students have stayed in the chain hotels such as the local Premier Inn (Aspley, Huddersfield Central) and Travelodge (Leeds Road, Huddersfield) which are within 5-10 minutes walking distance of the training facility.

    There are some town centre based hotels but we don't feel we could comment on many of these.

    Q. Are there any added costs to the course?

    A. YES. For safety given the fact students are working with drills and scalpel blades on course colleagues and members of the public (of which some are high risk) its important students have an insurance policy to practise to ensure you are covered for any acts of negligence or other. We have a partnership with Towergate insurance who can provide a 12 month policy which for £1m indemnity cover is from as little as around £95 when purchased online. Once qualified (and Towergate are notified) students are covered for the remainder of the policy. Greater indemnity cover is available up to £5m. Please note that students are welcome to purchase a policy for professional liability & indemnity from anywhere so long as they are covered to practise and proof of cover can be given prior to practical training attendance. This is a non-negotiable term by Next Generation Foot Health Training Ltd (NGFHT Ltd) as an accident caused by a student may not be deemed the responsibility/liability of (NGFHT Ltd) by a court of law, therefore its for your (the students) safety that you are covered given the nature of the work carried out when training.

    Unlike some other training providers of this qualification we DO NOT require you to pay for or undertake a DRB check a First Aid course, or purchase instruments to use on course during your training days. Instruments and consumables are provided by us for you to use.

    Q. When will I receive my certificate?

    A. Once the entirety of your qualification is complete (coursework and practical training) along with any outstanding course payments. Please note that with direct debit plans we do not get notified when these have come to an end, but the payer will. When you have completed your payments, please notify us and we can supply your certificate which is a hard copy certificate and not a cheap e-certificate like some may provide in this modern day.

    Anyone who has an active direct debit mandate has the option to settle in full should they wish, just contact us for this to be arranged and once settled direct debit plans will be cancelled.

    Q. Can you guarantee I will see all the conditions of the nails and feet during my training days?

    A. NO. We cannot guarantee this and we'd be stupid to commit to doing so. What we do guarantee are patients of the general public for you to treat. We do book a certain number of patients for each student to treat but please accept that we are at their mercy to attend and unfortunately as many are elderly we get some that forget or are too ill to attend. In this instance we pair two students to one patient and they share a treatment. We do always try where possible and given a fair time-frame try to fill any empty appointment slots. 

    All students will be made aware of the most important and treatable conditions of nails and of the feet within the boundaries of being an FHP.

    Q. How much will it cost for me to set up my foot health business?

    A. How long is a piece of string? Firstly though, there will need to be some significant investment as you will require an autoclave, its the house of your business and is required for the correct sterilisation of your instruments. For an appropriate autoclave to do all the things you'll need it to do will cost from new no less than around £1500. You can be lucky though and pick up machines of a good quality second-hand but please beware that it can be as risky as buying a second-hand vehicle.

    After an autoclave consider and ultrasonic cleaner, water distiller machine, drill, instruments and consumables, carry case and a marketing budget.

    Next Generation Foot Health Training Ltd have a sister company  and during training days you are offered for purchase greatly discounted instruments and consumables. We also have a partnership for autoclaves of which as of January 2024 can come with 0% 12 months finance (subject to status). We hope this helps students towards the costs of setting up.

    Q. How long do I get to complete the course?

    A. You get 12 months to complete the entirety of your qualification, this therefore means all course work and practical training to be completed within the 12 month time-frame. Your 12 months starts from the date on your enrolment form and you'll be started with your qualification and supplied materials from this date.

    Q. What if I cannot complete my qualification within the 12 month time-frame period?

    A. Well it depends why you can't complete it. If it is due to an illness and this can be proven via a letter from a medical professional stated within your contract then extensions of 6 months can possibly be granted.

    Q. I can't commit to any practical training dates but I want to get started.

    A. You can get started with your qualification and studies from enrolment and as per above but should you not choose any practical training dates it is your responsibility to ensure the entirety of your qualification is completed within 12 months. Practical course places can sometimes go quickly throughout certain times of the year so you must ensure you get yourself booked onto a course within your 12 month timeframe.

    Q. How many hours per week do I have to commit to my studies?

    A. We do not stipulate nor do we harass students to do 'X' amount of hours per week. This course is available to any person over the age of 18+ therefore that means a student is a 'adult'. An adult in our opinion should be able to manage their own work/lifestyle to find time to commit to their studies themselves. Plus, if you enrol on to the course, you must therefore have a passion and an interest in the subject which should be motivation itself to complete course work and the qualification as a whole.

    Q. How long does it take to complete the coursework?

    A. How long is a piece of string (again), It depends. It depends on your work and lifestyle commitments and every students circumstances are different. The timeframe will be dramatically different to one student who can commit full-time to one who can commit part-time, there is no definitive answer or no average answer to give. All you need to do is ensure you complete the entirety of your qualification within 12 months and show consistent commitment to your studies.

    Q. What if I fail my course work or practical?

    A. There is no coursework failure, its either pass or refer with comments on what you need to improve on in order to complete the pass grade. We have a high percentage of students who complete their coursework satisfactorily at the first attempt.

    To fail a practical week is rare too but on occasion it has happened to students. This may have been through an act of negligence and/or failure to take tutor advice and taught techniques on board or even a poor attitude which could fall under gross misconduct. Its our job and duty to ensure you are up to an acceptable standard practically, but training for students shouldn't stop after the practical days, we encourage students go on to practice with family and friends straight after where possible.

    Q. Can I get a job after completion of the qualification?

    A. Yes/No, it depends. Most who complete this qualification go on to run successful self-employed businesses. Paid jobs can be limited but some past students have attained NHS work as Podiatry Assistants and have gained work in private Podiatry practises although on a non-contractual self-employed basis.

    Q. Can this qualification get me onto a Podiatry degree course at University?

    A. Yes/No, it depends. Its not really for us to say as we have no links with any Universities. Some of our past students have go on to Podiatry degree courses at Huddersfield and Salford Universities but we cannot guarantee that you'll be accepted.

    Q. Can I call myself a Chiropodist or Podiatrist?

    A. No. These are protected titles. Your title is that of your qualification; Foot Health Practitioner (FHP).

    Q. What letters can I use after my name once qualified?

    A. If you join the Professional Register for Foot Healthcare post qualification (which is at a discounted rate and with many benefits), you can use the letters Dip.PRFHC

    Q. How long does it take for me to start once I've enrolled?

    A. Within a few days and that's just because it'll take 2-4 days to be in receipt of your learning materials. A starter email is sent to you the same or next day depending upon the time of day you enrol.

    Q. Do you not offer e-learning?

    A. Not just at the moment but it will come soon by 2025.


Practical Course Dates


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