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The Glutes and Core

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The Glutes and Core

The Glutes and Core

​The glutes and core are major stabilisers and drivers of our body. The glutes and core help us move and can affect local muscles when they are dysfunctional and not working correctly with back pain and injury being top of the list. Giving our clients fully functional glutes and core we can help them stay injury free and increase their sporting performance, or for the non-sporting clients, just help them function more efficiently , have greater health from better movement and be less likely to sustain back issues and other injuries.

If you’re a therapist wanting to increase your knowledge, reputation and income, then this two day practical training course is a must! If you don’t already know how to assess the glutes and core and know how to get them firing and working effectively then you will after your two days of training.

You will learn things that you just won’t learn elsewhere!

  • The Qualification

    This qualification is accredited as a CPD course with the Sports Therapy Organisation (S.T.O) and Bright Accreditation.

    Upon completion of the two day course you will recieve a certificate confirming your knowledge and understanding of the Glutes and Core.

  • Course Content

    This course comes with a 42 page manual so leaners can recap on any practical training course information after attendance.

    The course content includes:

    • A full understanding of the glute musculature
    • Other muscles that link to the glutes and how they can be affected
    • Postures and how they can affect the glutes
    • The Thomas test assessment
    • How to spot the Tendelenburg
    • Assessing the glutes and its firing sequence
    • How to release the psoas with direct myofascial release
    • Teaching your clients which muscles to stretch and strengthen for better glute activation
    • Learn about and understand the core musculature
    • Abdominal training myth’s and which training principle is best
    • How to do a TVA assessment both for its functionality and its strength
    • How to assess the co-ordination and strength of the lower abdominals
    • How to assess the strength of the rectus abdominis
    • How to train and strengthen the TVA, lower abdominals and rectus abdominis
  • Practical Training

    The two days practical training will follow the content of your training manual.

    Primarily the practical days are there for learners to get hands on and know how to assess and correct as well as being taught the knowledge required to gain exerpience prior to treating clients.

    You will practically learn:

    • How to assess the surrounding muscles of the glutes
    • How to assess the glute firing pattern
    • How to conduct release of the psoas muscle
    • How to plan a treatment to correct the dysfunction for clients with stretches and strengthening exercises
    • How to assess the core; TVA, lower abdominals and rectus abdominis
    • How to plan a treatment to correct the core dysfunctions with strengthening exercises

    You will be learning with other course students and be practising practically with each other.

  • Upon Qualification

    You will receive a certificate in the Glutes and Core that is accredited by the Sports Therapy Organisation (S.T.O.) and Bright Accreditation.

  • Entry Requirements

    It is a requirement that you hold a L3 massage qualification.

  • Course Cost

    ​Option 1: Full Payment £395

    Option 2: 4 monthly payments of £100 via direct debit

    *Please note that the full course fee must be paid before attending the practical training course and course manuals are given upon attendance.


    Please complete your payment at the bottom of this page by clicking the payment button or authorising your direct debit payments and contacting us at with

    • Your full name
    • Preferred course date
    • Copy of your L3 massage certificate.

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