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L3 Sports Massage Therapy Diploma Course

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L3 Sports Massage Therapy Diploma Course

L3 Sports Massage Therapy Diploma Course

or L3 + L4 Combined Sports Massage Course


Train to become a Sports Massage Therapist with Next Generation Training. Never has a Sports Massage course been as good as this. Our past learner reviews don’t lie!

In a continually advancing industry it’s important that anyone wishing to become a Sports Massage Therapist qualifies with skills to be able to treat a variety of soft tissue dysfunctions and achieve the highest of results for clients. This is why we have a great selection of CPD courses which certainly will have you achieving great success with clients as well as making you stand out from other L3 practitioners.

Progress up to L4 standard with or without the coursework. If you wish to undertake a L4 qualification you can do the combined L3 & L4, or progress to L4 after a few years of practising your hands on L3 skills. Alternatively, you can take your pick from our wide choice of L4 standard CPD courses which are STO accredited. Those already L3 qualified with other providers are welcomed to continue their professional development with us.

  • What is Sports Massage

    Sports Massage is the scientific manipulation and assessment of the soft tissues for the prevention of injuries, whilst maintaining good physical condition and health. These benefits are achieved by improving muscle tone, promoting relaxation, stimulating circulation and producing therapeutic effects on all systems of the body.

    Sports massage is now deemed an integral part of the sports persons training and fitness regime and not just a “luxury” item. Many top athletes feel that by regular maintenance sessions they are able to sustain optimum performance and pick up on any potential problem areas before they become too severe and thus hamper their training / competition.


    Also, the good thing about Sports Massage is that it’s not just for people who play sports; anyone can have a Sports Massage which increases your target market for potential clients.

  • The Qualification

    This qualification is a L3 Diploma course and is accredited by the Sports Therapy Organisation (S.T.O) and Bright Accreditation. This course meets the nationally recognised standards.

    The course units you will achieve as part of your coursework are:

    • Anatomy and Physiology for Sports Massage
    • Principles of Health and Fitness
    • The Principles of Soft Tissue Dysfunction
    • Professional Practise in Sports Massage
    • Sports Massage Treatments

    All thesinge units come in 3 course workbooks which you are assessed on. You will also be practically assessed, where you will will have to give a massage treatment to a course colleague/friend.

  • Practical Training

    Our course contains:

    • How to conduct a client consultation
    • Pre/Post Sports Massage
    • Maintenance Massage Treatments
    • Various Stretching Techniques - PNF, Theraputic and Developmental stretching of the whole body
    • Advanced Deep Tissue massage techniques for the upper and lower body
    • Massage for the hands and feet
    • Identifying Muscular Tightness and Tension
    • How to Massage Out Knots and Nodules

    You will be taught by an experienced Sports Massage Therapist and tutor over 5 practical training days in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.

  • What You Will Receive

    As part of the course you will recieve:

    • E-learning
    • Course workbooks
    • Constant tutor support
    • 15% off all products at Physique
    • 5 Days of practical training (including practical assessment day)
    • After completion you can become a member of the Sports Therapy Organisation (S.T.O.)

    Upon completion you will recieve the following certificate:

    • L3 Sports Massage Diploma
  • Progression

    ​After completion of the L3 Sports Massage Therapy Diploma course you can progress your skills further by enrolling onto our L4 Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy which is accredited by Bright, or alternativley you can choose any of our individual STO accredited L4 standard CPD courses.

  • L3 Course Price and Payment Options

    Option 1: Pay in Full £995 SAVE £100!

    Option 2: 6 Monthly Installments of £134 Via Direct Debit + Initial Payment of £295

    Option 3: Option 3: Apply for Finance (see ‘Finance Available’ tab for further information).

    Please note that no certificates are issued until the full course payment has been received. All learners have the option to settle any outstanding payment once the course is completed.



    You can apply ONLINE for finance via our credit broker partner Ideal4Finance (020 3617 4647). You can select the amount and length of payment terms as you wish. You may find finance useful for the following reasons;

    • Help to pay for the course.
    • Recieve certification upon completion without having to wait for any monthly payments to be completed.
    • Long payment terms; pay off your loan whilst you earn from your new skills and qualification.
    • Use the finance facility for your course fee and also towards any equipment required to get you started.

    ‘Next Generation Training’ is an introducer appointed representative of Ideal Sales Solutions Ltd

    T/A Ideal4Finance. Ideal Sales Solutions is a credit broker and not a lender (FRN 703401). Finance available subject to status.

    The rate offered is always provisional and will depend upon your personal circumstances, the loan amount and term.

  • How To Enrol

    If you wish to enrol for the L3 & L4 combined course, you need to pay in full via this page (or authorised DD with initial payment option) and include on your enrolment form both course codes for the L3 and L4 course dates via the relevant pages on our website.

    1. Decide how you wish to pay. If you are paying in full, then click the relevant button at the bottom of this page to process the full payment.

    2. If you wish to pay in monthly installments you will need to click and process your bank details to authorise us to take direct debit payments from you. We will link you up to the relevant plan that you advise us of when sending us your completed enrolment form. You will receive emails regarding your direct debit plan.

    3. If you are apply for finance via Ideal4Finance once you have received your loan you can follow steps 1. and 4. to complete your enrolment.

    4. Once you have completed the payment option of your choice you will need to download and complete the enrolment form. Once completed (check all information is correct), pelase send this to or send in the post to the address given at the back of the document. Please note that an official signature is required, printed or typed names will not be accepted.


    5. Once payment has been processed and your enrolment form has been recieved we will get you started with your course and contact you via emial. It is important that you check any junk/spam folders within your email should any of our emails not appear in your inbox.

  • L3 & L4 Combined

    If you wish you can do a combined L3 and L4 Sports Massage course over 15 days of practical training. By doing the two courses together you will learn so much more hands on practical skills that will enable you to treat a wider variety of conditions and enable you as a therapist to increase your local reputation for treating soft tissue and musculskeletal dysfunctions of the body.

    Our practical course content goes above and beyond in terms of national standard requirements for this qualification, weve added practical skills that many providers do not include, such as (but not limited to) how to assess the core and glutes for dysfunction.

    For all the practical training content, thoretical work and L4 course dates, please refer to our L4 page.

    For the combined course you would be in receipt of the following certificates:

    • L3 Sports Massage Therapy Diploma (S.T.O Accredited)
    • L4 Sports Massage Certificate (Bright Accredited)
    • Certificate of competence for - MET’s, Myofascial and Soft Tissue Release Therapy, Core and Glutes, Sports Injuries, KT Sports Taping and Fire Cupping Therapy. All of these are S.T.O Accredited.

    Upon qualification you can gain access to being an S.T.O member and also become a Certified Bright Therapist where insurance and many benefits can be gained from either.

  • L3 & L4 Combined Course Price and Payment Options

    Option 1: Pay in Full £1995 SAVE £595!

    Option 2: 6 Monthly Installments of £284 Via Direct Debit + Initial Payment of £295

    Option 3: 10 Monthly Installments of £190 Via Direct Debit + Initial Payment of £295

    Option 3: Option 3: Apply for Finance (see ‘Finance Available’ tab for further information).

    Please note, anyone paying by direct debit payments must pay for the full course prior to attending practical training courses.



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