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Toe Nails + Nail Bracing CPD

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Toe Nails + Nail Bracing CPD

Toe Nails + Nail Bracing CPD

The longest of our online CPD courses is this video presentation on all things toe nails and including Nail Bracing and the use of the 3TO PodoFix bracing system. 

Toe nails are very complex and there's lots of nail subjects covered and discussed such as:

  • Structure of a Toe Nail
  • Learn Interesting Facts About Toe Nails
  • Blood Supply and Innervation
  • Instruments Required
  • How to Correctly Cut a Toe Nail
  • Onycholysis
  • Vascular Tufts
  • Working on Patients Nails
  • The Real World Working With Patients
  • Thickened Nails and the Types
  • Drill Techniques and Speeds
  • Drill and Bur Types
  • Mobile Drills
  • Involuted Nails and Types
  • Paronychia
  • Nail Bracing - Its history, types, use, why, how it works etc
  • 3TO PodoFix Nail Bracing
  • Ingrown Nails
  • Ingrown Nail Referrals

Video Presentation Length:  2 hour 4 min approximately 

PRICE: £115