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Expand your Foot Health Practitioner skill set by learning how to give a Med-Pedicure.

  • About Med-Pedicure

    Over thepast 10 years or so there has been a huge trend for Foot Health professionals (Podiatrists, Chiropodists, Foot Health practitioners) to offer additional treatments in their clinics which some say are more at home in a beauty salon. However, there is no doubt that by offering your patients the treatments they want as well as the treatments they need, you will keep your patients coming back to you on more a regular basis. They will see your clinic as a place to gofor all foot treatments and not just a place to go when they are in pain or have a problem. Patients who are not regulars are likely to visit more often if you are able to meet their personal needs. To look good, feel good and have pretty feet.

    It’s not nice as a foot health professional (FHP) to know clients have gone elsewhere to spend money for foot treatments after you have spent so much money and time to gain a qualification. Why don’t foot professionals do the pedicure treatments themselves? There’s not much missing from the skills of a foot professional, maybe it’s just the fact that some clinics are not set up looking as glamorous as a beauty salon? One thing clients can be guaranteed by seeing a foot professional is that you will take hygiene more seriously using autoclaves for instrument sterilisation, you know how to professionally cut nails and your foot knowledge will be greater.

    The Med-Pedicure is using the medical aspect of being a FHP and incorporating a bit of beauty with the pedicure aspect. The FHP first provides the Med – the usual routine service, nail cutting and filing, callus removal and overall foot inspection, treatment and recommendation. The FHP them moves on to the Pedicure - the part of the treatment that concentrates on the overall aesthetic of how the feet look. This is the part of the treatment that provides the ‘feel good, look good’ factor that is often missing from routine foot health appointments.

  • What You Will Learn

    During this CPD workshop we aim to provide you with several treatment options that you can take away with you and create your own signature Med-Pedicure treatments.Treatments which you feel are right for your current patients and potential new ones. How long you want your Med-Pedicure to last, how many services you want to put into it, which products you want to use and what you want to charge for your service are personal preference.

    You will learn on the course the process of giving a Med-Pedicure with various products and methods for mobile or in clinic treatments. This course also covers paraffin waxing, but it does not cover nail painting.

  • Entry Requirements

    ​You will need a Foot Health Practitioner Diploma qualification as a minimum requirement. Proof of certification upon enrollment will be requested.

  • The Qualification

    This course is accredited by the Professional Association for Foot Health Practitioners and Bright Accreditation. The qualification comes as a Certificate in Med-Pedicure and is classed as a CPD course.

    This course will be a one day course lasting approximatley 5 hours and you will be able to recieve 10% off products from Canonbury Supplies Ltd for 12 months upon full completion of the course.

    You will be assessed for competancy throught the practical session.

  • Course Price

    £145 Full Payment

  • How To Enrol

    ​Contact us to make payment

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